Living in Texas

My name is Frank. I was not born in Texas. I would like to tell you about this great place. I have got an opportunity to tell you about this exotic place through this website. I have enjoyed and had fun so much in Texas. There is splendid Austin region in the heart of Texas that has a million residents. Austin, Texas is weird and wonderful and here there is great value for an individuality.

Texas is a place that is inspirational. It is also the home of Willie Nelson and also Lance Armstrong. Robert makes movie magic possible here. It is a home to many dreamers and creators who tap into the psyche of Austin and have great events all around the year.

People have been attracted to Austin before Stephen settled here in the year 1821. It has been seen before that Native Americans camped here in Texas and also the Spanish missionaries settled here in the year 1730.

There is presence of great politics, education, high tech and music and it is kind of huge business in Texas. There is also presence of cool bubbling spring water in the centre of Zilker Park that is very iconic and a splendid symbol of Texan lifestyle.

The residents of Texas like to man oeuvre between their private places into outdoor spaces. I would also like to tell you that there is great Texas neighborhood with city parks, trails, lakes and greenbelts where the Texans go to unwind and relax.